Image of male nurse pushing senior woman in a wheelchair in nursing facility

»Netsmart launched its Telehealth Mobile App to help providers schedule and run virtual appointments, create dedicated virtual practices by service line or location, and provide strict compliance with industry safety and security standards — all with EHR integration.

»HealthDirect Pharmacy Services has expanded to a 25th location with the acquisition of Northeast Pharmacy Services in Pennsylvania. The sixth Pennsylvania shop gives HealthDirect 26 more employees for a total of more than 1,000.

»Telehealth provider MediTelecare has designed a new tool for frontline nursing home staff. Healthcare or social workers can access MediStaffCare video services for sessions that help them address their wellness needs with mental health providers who understand the long-term care industry.

»Use of the Touchtown resident engagement platform has exploded during the COVID-19 outbreak. Over 30 days, viewers played YouTube videos more than 26,000 times on the company’s in-room, cloud-managed TV products — up from just 397 during the same period last year.

»Sensor Technologies’ WREN, a remote-sensing product, monitors a room’s atmospheric conditions to detect incontinence events. WREN continually samples temperature and humidity and identifies changes of specific gaseous profiles. Using an algorithm, the system pinpoints accidental bowel movements and issues alerts to caregivers.

»Sanvis Health has introduced CareHero, a virtual care service that helps operators manage the many clinicians treating their residents via telehealth. 

»Electronic health record provider American HealthTech created a COVID‐19 Toolkit in partnership with technology innovator QliqSOFT.

»HealthySOLE’s new stand-on PLUS shoe sanitizer is meant for use in healthcare settings, where ultraviolet light technology has been shown to neutralize the coronavirus and other infectious diseases on shoe soles by more than 99.5 %.