Hollywood stars used the words of real-life nurses coping with the pandemic in a virtual docu-play “That Kindness: Nurses in Their Own Words.” 

The play, based on interviews conducted by V, the writer and performer formerly known as Eve Ensler, features the stories of 11 nurses. It starts off with feel-good stories of nurses discovering their vocation, and then winds into seething recollections of frustration and even fury amid the pandemic. Celebrity participants included Marisa Tomei, Billy Porter and Rosie O’Donnell.

Produced with help from National Nurses United and the California Nurses Association, the play was streamed by the Brooklyn Academy of Music for several days in October, in cooperation with two dozen theaters around the country.

The play features original music by Morley, whose lyrics seek to capture the essence of the work.“A nation is defined by how its nurses are supplied … how they’re treated and if they survive,” he said.  

“My prayer, my hope is that   their testimony will remind us all of what it means to be good,” V said in the prologue of the play.