New tech for older adults, and by extension some of their caregivers, was featured at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. From smart robots providing senior care, to special wheelchair cushions. to a pair of smart glasses that help those with hearing loss, here are a few standouts of interest to long-term care:

Aeo, the newest robot from tech firm Aeolus, was designed with an ability to deliver food and medicine to older adults. Its appendages can lift an 8-pound cooler and hold a phone without dropping or crushing it. This robot also can learn the difference between caregivers and patients and tell by looking at a person’s posture whether they might have fallen or need help.

The Kalogon Orbiter wheelchair cushion senses pressure points and redistributes weight to increase blood flow, improve comfort and prevent pressure sores. The cushion has five regions corresponding to the tailbone and left and right thigh and butt areas. By keeping four of the five inflated, the user is supported with alternating pressure. 

Whissp artificial-intelligence-powered speech technology can aid residents who have issues with voice disorders or stuttering. Whispp enables smartphones and computers to convert whispered speech and vocal cord-impaired speech into a person’s natural voice in real-time, with intentional intonation and emotion.

XanderGlasses display real-time captions of in-person conversations to help residents with hearing loss. XanderGlasses are designed to be used like a simple “on” and “off” device. They don’t rely on smartphone or cloud connectivity, making them reliable and private. In this augmented reality experience, captions are displayed right in the wearer’s field of view.