As telemedicine becomes an increasingly intriguing option for nursing homes, Curavi Health Inc. announced last month that it had purchased TripleCare.

The company will now work with nearly 100 facilities in 14 states. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Both companies have telemedicine platforms that allow residents in post-acute facilities to have access to physicians on weekends, overnight and on holidays.

“We feel very like-minded,” Curavi President and CEO Alissa A. Meade told McKnight’s. “This acquisition is a natural fit for Curavi and our strategic growth.” Curavi, founded in 2016 by University of Pittsburgh Medical Center geriatricians, had worked with 40 facilities in three states with general and specialty care, after-hours coverage, geriatric psychiatry consultations and “bring your own provider” solutions.

The acquisition will further Curavi’s goals of achieving scale efficiencies through an extensive physician network service, and allowing local providers to give telemedicine consults and deliver specialty consultations such as geri-psych services.

Meade will be the CEO of the combined company and TripleCare’s interim CEO Mary Jo Gorman, M.D., will take a new seat on Curavi’s board. 

Both Meade and Gorman agreed that nursing facilities have reframed their thoughts around telemedicine, moving from a “nice to have” to an “absolute have.”

“The other thing that is favorable in overall trends is that Medicare is increasingly recognizing how important it is,” Gorman said. 

Ziegler, with a team led by Grant Chamberlain, acted as TripleCare’s sole advisor during the deal.