Advanced products that assist in tissue rebuilding and expanded wound closure capability are giving providers more treatment options.

MTF Biologics, a global nonprofit dedicated to offering innovations in tissue and organ donation, transplantation and research, recently released two products for treating complex surgical wounds.

The products, Leneva – Allograft Adipose Matrix and SomaGen Meshed – Allograft Dermal Matrix, aid in tissue reconstruction and wound closure by providing protective coverage and promoting tissue integration, the company said.

“Novel adipose technology and ‘unique’ deep-reticular meshed dermal tissue are keys,” said Marc Long, Ph.D., vice president of research and development at MTF Biologics, which unveiled the products at a wound care conference in Phoenix in December.

Leneva supports the patient’s tissue reconstruction process, is provided hydrated to reduce procedural preparation time, and provides an extracellular adipose matrix that functions as a scaffold for patient cells to create new fat.

SomaGen Meshed expands up to 150% to accommodate wounds of various sizes and conforms to the wound.