Caryn Adams

Even though we are getting a temporary break from it due to pandemic relief, what is the best way not to lose 2% of the Annual Payment Update?

With the exponential increase of data being collected for SPADES beginning in October, now is the time to form habits for self-audits and report review.  The most important thing to know is: Who can access those reports and who is their backup?

The first report to review is the Final Validation Report. This should be obtained with each MDS transmission and reviewed for fatal errors and warnings. Fatal errors must be fixed before the MDS will be accepted into the system. Warnings need to be reviewed to ensure correct data is being submitted and observed for patterns. Required APU areas marked with a dash or N/A or left blank will show up on this report.

The SNF QRP Resident and facility level QM reports also are worthwhile to review. This is not the Review and Correct report. This is an on-demand report which includes observed and risk-adjusted scores. Assessment data is refreshed monthly and claims data yearly. 

The Review and Correct reports are refreshed weekly, and not risk-adjusted. This is important to review and discuss with the team so that incorrect data can be corrected prior to the submission deadlines. May 15, 2020, is the deadline for fourth-quarter 2019. You can register on the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services website with CORMAC to receive a letter to be notified that you have items on this report.

The Threshold Report notes the status of measures requested. This is an on-demand report that will inform on the percent of assessments meeting the data threshold and the number of successfully submitted assessments.