I am a new nursing director, and my boss gave me information with all of these abbreviations that I am not familiar with. I have the State Operations Manual and have begun memorizing some of the acronyms there. The newest info talks about QPP … Can you help me? 

QPP stands for Quality Payment Program, which is a new program from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services for billing based on quality measures and reaching benchmarks and facility performance. I have listed some resources that CMS is providing to help all of us understand the new QPP system, and obtain the highest rates available.

You also can  sign up on the CMS website for updates. Its site is one of the important ones you should become familiar with, as it will assist you with being the best of the best!

QPP Resource Library:  https://qpp.cms.gov/about/resource-library

There’s also https://qpp.cms.gov/. This website will allow you to check your participation status, explore measures, review guidance on what to report, and more.

Individual questions can be emailed to: QPP@cms.hhs.gov. The CMS site can be overwhelming. Bookmark the pages you find that you like and need.

Another abbreviation you will see when reading this information on QPPs is MIPS, or “Merit-based Incentive Payment System,” so put this on your flashcard or whatever system you use to learn all of these abbreviations.

When you look at the Quality Payment Program website, there are more resources there. You can bookmark or make note of them to allow you to revisit with no trouble.

Don’t feel too overwhelmed right now: There will be lots of training coming out on the new regulations. Start low and go slow.