Sherrie Dornberger

Do you have any recommendations for new products in long-term care that can make my staff’s routines go a bit easier?

Yes. And as a disclaimer, I am not paid by, nor do I own any part of this or any of, the companies mentioned here.

A new product on the market for pushing two wheelchairs at once is called Easy Pushbar. You install this bar over the two wheelchair handles. The bar is padded and enables a caregiver to push a wheelchair with one hand, allowing caregivers to push two wheelchairs simultaneously.   

The standard model slips on easily and attaches quickly, with no tools required. You can quickly remove the item to fold and store the chair when needed. The security bar model needs a control key to install and remove the bar. This prevents wheelchairs from folding and leaving the premises too easily. Another benefit of the Pushbar is that tall workers will not need to bend over to touch the wheelchair.

Another product is the Gyenno Steady Spoon. It counters tremors to assist Parkinson’s residents with feeding themselves. There are many similar products on the market, but this spoon is automatically activated by movement. 

I also am excited to see the UV Box, which disinfects hand-held items in just 55 seconds. It is for mobile devices, staff badges, TV remotes, call cords, eyeglasses and other small items. It can be placed on a cart or wall-mounted. You can find it online.

And taking temperatures has never been easier and safer than with the non-contact thermometer. The Protekt ProTemp provides convenience, accuracy and a precise reading when taking a temperature. A number of infrared thermometers on the market, in fact, are now being sold by your local corner pharmacy, or supplier, or online.