Every week there seems to be a new announcement about some major company deciding to enter the healthcare landscape. But what do providers really think about the future of healthcare?

The majority of healthcare C-level executive leaders say Amazon — not Apple or Google — is poised to have the biggest impact on healthcare, according to a survey by Reaction Data.

The healthcare market research firm polled 97 C-suite executives and directors from various provider organizations, including long-term care facilities, hospitals and specialty clinics, about their views on which company would have the biggest impact.

Nearly two-thirds of provider organization leaders said they think Amazon will be most disruptive to the healthcare field, with 75% of CEO respondents choosing the tech giant as having the biggest potential for real disruption. Fourteen percent cited Apple, 8% selected Google, 7% chose Microsoft, 4% said IBM, 3% cited Walmart and less than 3% said Salesforce.

“Amazon has a huge market they can use to distribute materials,” one CEO told Reaction Data. “They are already a household name and the users are not specific to Apple or Android.”

Reaction Data also surveyed respondents on emerging technologies, and 29% cited telemedicine as the technology that will have the biggest impact. Twenty percent of respondents cited artificial intelligence, while 15% selected interoperability. Data analytics, mobile data and information security also were commonly cited. Cloud was cited by 3% of respondents.