September 01, 2014 - McKnight's Long Term Care News

Print Issue: September 01, 2014

Rick Flander, president of the Tractor Guys

Residents cheer tractor parade

Many residents of the Oskaloosa Care Center in southern Iowa used to be farmers. They’re reminded of their past by the cornfield next to the nursing home — and, once a year, by a parade of antique tractors.

Transfers should be easy for residents and staff, experts say.

No need for injury

Due to dynamic factors in moving residents, facilities must invest wisely in lifts, slings and batteries to make sure workers stay safe while performing transfers

A stable, high-quality workforce enhances a provider's eligibility for capital.

Success without silos

Minimum data set coordinators should get as much support as possible from colleagues as they navigate data set changes and ever-evolving requirements

G. Allen Power

Enhancing well-being

I set out to re-examine dementia from a different framework — one that takes us beyond “interventions” and “programs” to a proactive, strength-based approach.

Tom DePoy

Redoing readmissions

When people are discharged from the hospital following an illness, injury or surgery, that’s often not the end of the story.

Steven Littlehale

You’re the detective

In the evidence-based healthcare world, you need to become a real Sherlock (or Shirley) Holmes to take your clues (data) and put them together logically (analyze the data) to make analytics-based decisions to solve your facility’s most challenging mysteries.

Ryan Lillis, EMA

I couldn’t live without … HealthcareSource solutions

HealthcareSource has helped Eldersburg, MD-based provider EMA make better hiring decisions and has fostered “healthy dialogue” between leadership and hiring managers, says Ryan Lillis, EMA’s director of organizational development.

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