October 2018 - McKnight's Long Term Care News

Print Issue: October 2018

How to do it… Succeeding with PDPM

The new Patient-Driven Payment Model, which is scheduled to start next October, could revolutionize the way therapy services are provided and paid for. Stakeholders have voiced various concerns, a major one being the plan’s variable per-diem rate. The new model also could lead to a more medically complex patient population and increase the need for prescription drugs and pharmacy services.

ProMedica lays off 100

None of the eliminated positions are at HCR, which is also based in Toledo, and many are tied to leadership or corporate functions at ProMedica’s headquarters.

Ask the Treatment Expert about … pressure injuries

We just admitted a resident with two pressure injuries. The hospital had marked both as Stage 2. However, on admission to our facility, one presented with granulation tissue and the other had granulation and some thin slough in the wound bed. Are these Stage 2 pressure injuries?

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