May 2021 - McKnight's Long Term Care News

Print Issue: May 2021

How to do it … Borrow in a pandemic

Owner-operators will soon be confronting thorny financial questions as they emerge from the fog of the pandemic. How should skilled facilities prioritize spending? As one banker observed, the capital markets for skilled nursing may not have returned to where they were before COVID-19, but both debt and equity are available for operators who can prove their clinical expertise.

John O'Connor

Bridges over people?

In case you are wondering what $2 trillion buys these days, here’s one apparent answer from President Joe Biden: An infrastructure and climate change package, plus various sweeteners. The latter includes bridge and road repairs, expanding broadband internet — and free community college for all.

Gary Tetz

Open wide and listen

Aren’t you glad that when the survey team shows up at your long-term care facility, they don’t horizontally immobilize you, place an assortment of sharp tools in your mouth to prevent you from defending yourself and talk directly into your ear about everything you’re doing wrong?

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