May 01, 2017 - McKnight's Long Term Care News

Print Issue: May 01, 2017

Senator Mary Caferro (D-Helena)

State News for May 2017

Montana — An increase in Montana’s tobacco tax could help nursing homes, under legislation currently being debated.

Researchers seek face-saving interventions


Facial injuries among skilled nursing residents may be flying under the radar while significantly boosting healthcare costs in the United States, according to recent research.

Kathleen Unroe

Skilled facilities don’t skimp on hospice care, study finds


Skilled nursing residents receive a similar level of hospice care as patients residing in an assisted living facility or at home, a recent study shows. The study’s findings upend previous beliefs that skilled nursing residents may be receiving less care.

How to do it … financing in the age of Trump

The new administration has promised to relax restrictive regulations and provide a host of economic incentives to expand and improve. But providers should beware of the double-edged sword of uncertainty. On this page we’ve gathered assessments and advice from top financial experts on how to survive, and thrive, in the coming years.

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