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$2.4 million to settle breach

$2.4 million to settle breach


A Texas health system agreed to pay $2.4 million in May to settle potential HIPAA violations stemming from an incident where it named a patient in a press release.

Kindred may be eyeing sale


Kindred Healthcare Inc. may be exploring a full sale along with its exit from the skilled nursing sector, Reuters reported in April.

Hospital visits drop by 25%


Potentially avoidable hospitalizations among Medicare beneficiaries have dropped 25% since 2013, according to the “America’s Health Ranking Senior Report” from the United Health Foundation.

More chains are looking to expand services beyond local markets, the study’s authors say.

Chain-tied entrants are not disrupting local competition


The number of nursing homes affiliated with a chain provider has increased in recent years, with independent facilities becoming less common. But chains’ growth typically poses little threat to local market competition, according to a new study.

Paltry pay raise not unexpected

Nursing home operators will receive a $390 million Medicare pay increase in fiscal 2018, the Centers for the Medicare & Medicaid Services announced in a rule proposed in late April.

The cat's meow

The cat’s meow


One of St. Augustine Health Ministries’ most popular employees never had a job interview, or submitted an application — she simply showed up in the parking lot.

The bill’s authors, Dem. Sens. Ricardo Lara and Toni G. Atkins, rallied with supporters in April.

State News for June 2017

State drafting measures to create universal, single payer healthcare program after Canada’s example

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