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ITUpdate June 2014

» An app developed by researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the U of I at Chicago allows healthcare providers to analyze a patient’s gait. GaitTrack uses eight motion parameters after a person takes a short walk. The app can provide data more cheaply and accurately than a medical accelerometer, and can be installed on a smartphone. Results were published in the journal Telemedicine and e-Health.

The infection initially was found in the foot wound of a 69-year-old diabetic resident

Wound care artistry

As the science of wound care develops, long-term care clinicians are faced with myriad options — and some cost constraints — when it comes to treatments

A worm infiltrated a healthcare app.

Smartphone worm could put LTC facilities’ data at risk

The proliferation of wireless devices and seemingly limitless supply of apps have advanced communications capabilities to wondrous new heights. But there is a dark side as well, typified by the vulnerabilities to cyber-attack and having vital information stolen by hackers that a research team at Syracuse University has found.

Handmade trouble

Handmade trouble

From double-gloving to long nails, myths and misperceptions persist when it comes to hand hygiene and washing critical touchpoints for resident care

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