July 2019 - McKnight's Long Term Care News

Print Issue: July 2019

Amy Stewart

Ask The Nursing Expert, Amy Stewart

As a nurse leader, what can I do to help create a solid process for nursing documentation under PDPM? Begin with what correct and complete documentation looks like. Facilities often have nurses use checklists to mark their assessment findings. While a checklist may help capture a condition recorded on the MDS, it may not capture…

Jeri Lundgren

Ask The Treatment Expert, Jeri Lundgren, RN, BSN, PHN, CWS, CWCN, CPT

How can I tell whether a lower extremity wound is arterial, venous, peripheral neuropathy or diabetic? The location and characteristics of the wound will help indicate whether the wound is arterial, venous, peripheral neuropathy or diabetic. Arterial wounds are typically located on the toe tips or web spaces, phalangeal heads, lateral malleolus (outer ankle bone)…

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