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Print Issue: July 2019

Aid-in-dying bill passed

NEW YORK — Aid-in-dying advocates pressured the state Legislature to pass a medical bill after similar measures passed in Maine and New Jersey in the last two months.  “Terminally ill New Yorkers deserve to have the same option to peacefully end needless suffering that Maine and New Jersey residents will soon have,” said Kim Callinan,…

DOH sets aside money

NEW YORK  — The state’s Department of Health has allocated $27 million for a nonprofit to help nursing home residents transition to a community. A request for proposals is out, asking for a way to administer a statewide network of transition centers to help residents. The network will provide re-entry education, peer outreach and education…

NPs push for full practice

PENNSYLVANIA — The state Senate voted in June to give nurse practitioners full practice authority. In order to practice in Pennsylvania currently, a NP must secure business contracts, called collaborative agreements, with two physicians. Research has indicated this can restrict access to care and correlates to worse patient health outcomes. Similar legislation has passed in…

Mood of the Market

Seeking meaning, with benefits

While nearly all long-term care administrators and nursing leaders find their work meaningful and their contributions valued by co-workers, many wish they had better support from bosses and are looking for jobs elsewhere.

Caryn Adams

Ask The Payment Expert, Caryn Adams

As October 1 is growing closer, what should my facility now be doing to prepare for the Patient-Driven Payment Model? This month, review your MDS coding. In addition to closely consulting the RAI manual that was released at the end of May, review MDS coding accuracy. Here is a guideline of sections to review:  Section…

Helping senior with technology

iPad-like technology helping elders and disabled connect

In 2013, when Nancy Likens, director of the Soprema Senior Center and Café first came up with the idea of using the café as a job-training site for volunteers from the Medina County Board of Developmental Disabilities, she wasn’t quite sure how the two groups — senior citizens utilizing her center and adults with developmental…

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