July 01, 2018 - McKnight's Long Term Care News

Print Issue: July 01, 2018

Therapy can accelerate wound healing

Using microcurrent therapy along with traditional wound care approaches significantly reduces wound size and lessens pain, according to a study in the Journal of Wound Care. Harikrishna K.R. Nair, M.D., head of the wound care unit at Malaysia’s Hospital Kuala Lumpur, studied the effect of microcurrents on 100 chronic wound patients over four months in…

Reader poll: What’s the one regulation or rule you dislike the most?

“Shared food. We can say you can bring it in, but then they [officials] say it has to be store bought. You can’t accept food from other homes. It has to be segregated from any other food. It’s difficult for residents, and it [outside food] brings them so much pleasure. Family will say to give…

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