February 2020 - McKnight's Long Term Care News

Print Issue: February 2020

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Greystone refinances Long Island skilled nursing facility for $71.3 million; Berkadia secures over $57 million in SNF financings; Lancaster Pollard helps SNF obtain permanent financing

Gary Tetz

A shallow obsession

A smartphone app in development purports to use speech analysis to diagnose dementia.  That’s fantastic news, but it ignores one of my fundamental beliefs: that smartphone use is dementia, on a global scale.  The irony is that our phone addiction is making us crazy as a civilization and species, but in our demented state, we…

John O'Connor

The NLRB wakes up

Imagine if a person stopped you on the street and said this: “I want to rob your house. The government says I can borrow your house keys, so hand them over.” Forking over those keys would be just about the last thing any sane person would be inclined to do. But for the past five…

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