December 2019 - McKnight's Long Term Care News

Print Issue: December 2019

SNF evacuates in minutes

Staff members at a California skilled nursing facility were being hailed across the field for precisely evacuating more than 100 residents after they were given just minutes to evacuate due to a threatening wildfire.

Medicaid expansion on table

The Joint Revenue Committee in November approved a Medicaid expansion bill, pushing it to the full Legislature for consideration.

OT snafus cost $42K

Improper record keeping for overtime pay is costing a skilled nursing operator more than $42,000, the Department of Labor announced in late October.

Bill would increase SNF pay

Washington State Sen. Steven O’Ban (R) announced plans to propose legislation that would increase state reimbursements for Medicaid patients.

How to do it … Complex resident areas

Designing special care areas entails far more than four walls, a bed and medical equipment. Considering the needs for caregivers, as well as the usual ebb and flow of family and guests — both expected and unanticipated — requires a careful balance. Lighting, furnishings and other elements need to be considered to create a perfect space that is functional, inviting and calm, all at once.

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