August 2019 - McKnight's Long Term Care News

Print Issue: August 2019

Ask The Legal Expert

We want to make sure our staff is fully connected by text for scheduling and other updates.  Can we make employee use of personal phones a condition of employment? How do we respect privacy issues of the residents and the employer?    It is lawful under federal law to impose restrictions on phones for work-related…

Caryn Adams

Ask The Payment Expert

With just about six weeks until the PDPM rollout, what should be occurring at our facility? With the October 1 Patient-Drive Payment Model implementation date fast approaching, there are many tasks that facilities should be completing. If you haven’t completed a baseline readiness assessment, there’s no time now!  Initiate QAPI to ensure training and compliance.…

LTC nurses will work for less if engaged

Nurses in long-term care who feel engaged in the workplace and proud of what they do appear less likely to leave their jobs and have an easier time accepting a lower salary, finds a study by Chinese researchers published in Contemporary Nurse.

Amy Stewart

Ask The Nursing Expert

We have several residents who fall frequently. How can we decrease the number of falls in our facility? Start by identifying residents who are at risk for falls. Add timely communication about those at risk.  Conducting a fall risk assessment is standard practice when a resident is admitted or readmitted. Accuracy and completeness are essential.…

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