April 2021 - McKnight's Long Term Care News

Print Issue: April 2021

Ask the legal expert: How we can we protect ourselves form unfounded claims of theft or wrongdoing?

We’ve had families acting more suspicious of us than usual, with people complaining about allegedly missing resident clothes or belongings. It’s not unexpected, I guess, with family members’ access cut off to their loved ones for so long due to the pandemic. But how can we a) protect ourselves from typically unfounded claims of theft or wrongdoing and b) soothe anxious and jittery family members?

How to do it … Save skin from incontinence

Even with the best of plans and good briefs, ancillary products can play a major role in incontinence care. But caregivers need to do their homework. Taking the appropriate time to make wise choices can make all the difference in outcomes, experts remind.

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