April 01, 2018 - McKnight's Long Term Care News

Print Issue: April 01, 2018

Shock waves OK’d for some foot ulcers

The Food and Drug Administration has approved the first shock wave device for use on individuals with diabetic foot ulcers. Sanuwave Health’s Dermapace System uses a handheld probe to deliver high-energy pulses to the wound’s surface. Treatment includes four to eight brief, noninvasive applications over a period of two to 10 weeks. It is recommended…

CGM limits are said to set bad precedent

Despite the fact that the Food and Drug Administration approved its third continuous glucose monitoring device and incorporated a mobile app in March, Medicare beneficiaries still can’t take full advantage of this convenient technology because of a policy that also threatens to restrict coverage of future remote patient-monitoring technologies. At issue, experts say, is a…

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