Understanding vertebral compression fractures caused by osteoporosis

Understanding vertebral compression fractures caused by osteoporosis

There is now help for patients with VCF, which has been shown in clinical studies to provide pain relief quickly

Milk, yogurt best for bone health: study


Cream is not as effective as milk or yogurt in promoting bone health and combating osteoporosis, according to researchers. Low bone-density puts the elderly at an increased risk for osteoporosis and fractures of the hip, spine and waist. Around one-fourth of those who have a broken hip die within the following year.

Rethink frequency of bone density tests, investigators advise

Frequent bone density tests for senior women may not be needed, according to a new study.

Study: Osteoporosis drugs add five years to lifespan

People who take osteoporosis medications from a class of drugs called bisphosphonates appear to live five years longer than people without osteoporosis, a new Australian study finds.

New UK imaging technology could help identify osteoporosis risk

Scientists at the University of Cambridge have developed new imaging technology, which they said does a more complete job of detecting bone weakness compared to existing bone density and multidetector computed tomography tests.

Study finds link between atypical thigh fractures, bone-loss drugs

Some common drugs used to treat bone loss have been associated with a higher risk for uncommon thigh fractures, according to a recent study.

From "nana" to "ninja": safe martial arts training can reduce damage from falls

They may never have the skills of Bruce Lee, but seniors with osteoporosis can use martial arts training to learn to fall more safely, researchers say.

Study: Osteoporosis plan could cut hip fractures by 25% nationally

More active osteoporosis disease management could cut the rate of hip fractures in the United States by 25%, according to a new Kaiser Permanent study. Researchers recommend increased use of bone scans, as well as greater use of anti-osteoporosis medications.

Osteoporosis-related hospitalizations rise

More Americans are being hospitalized for osteoporosis-related fractures and other injuries, according to a study by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.

Cannabis could help stave off osteoporosis among older adults, new research suggests

New study findings should please aging hippies: Cannabis, the plant that produces marijuana, actually may help prevent bone loss in older adults.