Doug Chos was appointed CEO and nursing home administrator at Blue Valley Lutheran Homes Nursing Home in Hebron, NE.

Chos previously managed Blue Valley Lutheran’s Care Home for disabled adults, where he started in June 2018. The Care Home building, just down the block in Hebron, is still licensed but now empty, and a majority of the residents have moved to the nursing home.

“It was all done due to financial reasons,” Chos told McKnight’s. “The residents of the care home payor source was 96% Medicaid. And with the status of Medicaid reimbursement being what it is, 96% Medicaid population made it impossible to continue to be financially viable. So for the greater good of Blue Valley moving forward, the decision was made by the board of directors to consolidate the residents under one roof.”   

After the relocation was complete, Chos was tapped in September for the leadership team at the nursing home, which has 50 private and seven companion rooms that offer around-the-clock staffing.

Chos has a bachelor’s degree in exercise physiology from the College of St. Scholastic in Duluth, MN. He worked as a personal trainer before entering long-term care as a dietary manager. He later earned his nursing home administrators license.