The founder and CEO of The SCAN Foundation will step down by the end of the year.

Bruce A. Chernof, M.D., FACP, made the announcement this month after 12 years of leadership. The foundation has awarded more than $75 million in grants to hundreds of organizations focused on helping all older adults, especially Californians, age with the choice and independence. 

SCAN has advocated for new long-term care paradigms. It has been a national leader in the development and scaling of person-centered care models for vulnerable adults with complex needs including those served by Medicare and Medicaid.

In 2013, Chernof served as the chair of the Federal Commission on Long-Term Care. That panel produced a bipartisan report to Congress recommending reforms for the nation’s long-term care financing, delivery system, and workforce needs. Last year the Foundation helped lead the effort to secure Gov. Gavin Newsom’s commitment to develop and implement a statewide Master Plan for Aging.

Chernof, a former L.A. County Department of Health leader, said the foundation’s stability makes it the time right for him to transition away from the organization.

Foundation Board Chair Jennie Chin Hansen, RN, said the board will undertake a comprehensive search for a successor.

“Whoever takes the reins next will lead a profoundly hard-working and successful organization,” Chernof said.