Zillion Health, which focuses on patient engagement, and Vidyo, a video collaboration technology company, recently announced a partnership geared to providing more telehealth options.

Zillion is powering the face-to-face video communications component of its platform through the Vidyo API platform-as-a-service, it said. By leveraging Vidyo’s healthcare platform, Zillion officials said they want to offer tight electronic medical record integration. 

Vidyo currently provides telemedicine applications through the continuum of care for more than 250 integrated healthcare networks. It noted that telehealth is “taking off, not only in emergency rooms and ICUs but in all kinds of care settings — from family practices to nursing homes.”

Zillion, which has headquarters in Connecticut, is a cloud software provider focused on population and digital health management. Its embedding of Vidyo APIs into its engagement platform will let medical professionals and patients connect or collaborate through video. Users can conduct real-time live interaction, onboard new patients, schedule appointments, share documents or embrace other telehealth aspects.

“Zillion’s partnership with Vidyo underscores our commitment to help make deep connections to users, whenever and wherever they want,” said Bill Van Wyck, President and Chief Innovation Officer at Zillion. “Digital and on-demand health shouldn’t be less human, and we look forward to working with Vidyo to further enhance the patient experience.”

The mobile patient population requires care teams that need “a telehealth experience that runs reliably and flexibly over WiFi, 4G and the public Internet,” said Vidyo VP of Telehealth Business Development Mark Noble.

Zillion previously announced partnerships with United Health Group’s Real Appeal program, focused on reaching those with diabetes, and endoscopic surgical product company Apollo Endosurgery, based in California.