The majority of Americans believe nurses are the most honest and ethical professionals in the country, according to the results of the annual Gallup Honesty and Ethics of Professionals Poll released Tuesday.

A total 83% of respondents viewed nurses as having either “high or very high” ethical standards, according to Gallup. Two other medical professionals, pharmacists and physicians, took the number two and three spots, though they didn’t engender as much trust from the public. Some 66% and 65% of Americans, respectively, considered them to have the highest ethical standards. Nurses have topped the list for all but one of the 10 years they have been included in the poll. In 2001, firefighters edged out nurses with a 90% approval rating.

On the other end of the list, only 9% of respondents consider members of Congress to have “high or very high” ethical standards. Politicians are only slightly more confidence-inspiring than HMO managers (8%) and car salesmen (6%).