Who is Your Biggest Professional Inspiration? May 2012 Reader Poll

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“The administrator at my facility is Arthur Grace, RN. He is the perfect leader. His focus is to always give excellent care and customer service. His goal is always to help the residents return home at their highest functioning level. He has been the administrator for over eight years, and he has not only been a great inspiration to me but to anyone who comes into his presence.” 

Activity Director, Taishia Rice, Rockdale Healthcare Center, Conyers, GA 

“When I first started working at Vintage Park at Atchison in September 2009, I didn't know what to expect. One person that inspired me was our executive vice president, Matt Moore. He introduced himself at a conference and mentioned he had written two books on management. He asked me if I would be interested in the books, and I said yes. He said, ‘Great, I will send them to you.' I thought, ‘There was no way this busy man is going to remember to send two books to me in my small little town of Atchison.' But a few days later, I did get the books in the mail from Matt with a nice note. No matter how high Matt progresses, he remembers the small stuff and makes sure each of us feel important.”

Director, Cheryl Contreras, Vintage Park at Atchison, Atchison, KS

“My biggest inspiration would have to be my dad and Virginia Stringer, the manager of Carewell Corporation. I had always wanted to be a nurse. It did not quite work out that way. My mother died when I was 6, and there were seven of us kids left at home with my dad. I was next to the youngest, so as we all started growing up, we took over the household chores, went to school and did what we could. None of my siblings graduated, but I had always promised my dad that I would, and I did. The years came, I married, had four children and my dad was living with me. I worked at a sewing factory and part- time at Temple Manor in the laundry. I became a nurse aide, continuing to work part-time. I enrolled in nursing classes and graduated in 1989. Virginia sponsored me and when I graduated, I had an LPN position. Viriginia gave me the confidence and my Dad always encouraged me to be the best in whatever you do in life.”

Assistant Director of Nursing, Joy Anderson, LPN, Temple Manor, Temple, OK

“My biggest professional inspiration has been Floyd Schlossberg, Alden's president.  I have observed and watched Floyd my entire career. Almost all of the people I knew in the early 1970s are gone or retired. But Floyd is still helping Alden promote quality facilities and care. He has always made Alden feel like a family.”

Administrator, Greg Nienaber, Alden Estates of Barrington, Barrington, IL

Editor's Note: Numerous other employees wrote about Floyd Schlossberg, the president of Alden Management Services; their responses are below.

“Floyd Schlossberg, because he is at the helm of an ever-expanding business that fills the needs of so many people. Also for having the vision and foresight to fill peoples' needs, for aiming for the best, whether it's architecture, interior design, or services. Also, I admire his personal strength and stoic habits, which enable him to lead a successful business that serves so many and employs thousands of people.”

Director of Property Management, Jeanne Baker, Alden Realty Services, Aurora, IL

My biggest inspiration is Floyd A. Schlossberg, President of Alden Management Services, Inc. because he is so grounded even though he has a big title - and cares about everyone he meets.  His work ethic and standards are so high that he makes you want to raise the bar even higher to be a better person and do the best job possible. “

Corporate Manager, Sonja M. Hartgrove, Alden Management Services, Inc., Chicago, IL

“There are no words to express my gratitude for the 7 years I have known Floyd. Floyd is my biggest professional inspiration in that  I consider him not only the President of Alden Management Services, but a trusted friend and teacher who has inspired me to do my very best and more. He is always so willing to share his knowledge with such a positive and open mind. He has been an unknowing mentor to all of us who want to excel in all that we do. But most of all he makes everyone feel important and valued. “

Administrator, Nora O'Gorman, Alden of Waterford, Aurora, IL

“The mission, vision and values that Floyd espouses are exactly why I will be a lifetime employee of Alden.  He is an inspiration in work and life. I am honored to be a part of Alden. I hope to always make our president proud.”

Administrator, Katie Lynn Maniatis, MS, CHES, LNHA, Alden Estates of Orland Park, Orland Park, IL

“Floyd Schlossberg has been my inspiration. It is rare to see the president of a company, who is so busy, make such an effort to know so many people.”

Director of Financial Services, Ann Chhabra, Alden Management Services, Inc., Chicago, IL

“I would choose Floyd Schlossberg, a genuine, kind and caring person! If it was not for his foresight and perseverance, there would be no Alden!

Medicaid Specialist, Cynthia Gill, Alden Management Services, Chicago, IL

“My inspiration is definitely Floyd Schlossberg. His intelligence, discipline, perseverance and great attention to detail are a tall order to follow. 

Director of Fund Management, Ayesha Bokhari, Alden Management, Chicago, IL