The New Jewish Home

Jewish Home Lifecare scored the top honor in the Innovator of the Year category of McKnight’s 2014 Technology Awards for its use of a television-based Panasonic health monitoring system, which was then in a beta phase and never went into production.

Since then, JHL became The New Jewish Home in 2016. It also has rolled out two new tech-focused programs for residents.

One of those programs, known as Jintronix, uses the Microsoft Kinect system as a way to deliver virtual rehabilitation. The Kinect tracks user’s movements through exercises and games like rock climbing, cross-country skiing and soccer, and provides real-time feedback to the therapist. The results have “been very positive,” says Senior Vice President of Business Development Regina Melly.

The New Jewish Home also won a grant to introduce a telemedicine platform called Bluestream, which provides bedside video translation services in seven languages and audio translation for 200 more.

“When you’re working in some place like New York City, there’s multiple languages,” Melly says. “While we have many in-house staff that are bilingual, Bluestream has brought us the capability to give much larger language translation services at the bedside.”