The residents at Rosewood, a life plan community in Bakersfield, CA, break the stereotype that older adults aren’t interested in technology — and they do it with an “incredible appetite” for learning new tech.

It’s that need that has driven the community to continue to grow its technology offerings since winning a Gold Award in
the Innovator category of McKnight’s
Technology Awards in 2015.

In addition to upgrading existing technology, such as its CyberCycles fitness bikes, Rosewood has expanded use of its iPads from the maintenance and transportation teams to housekeeping, as well as residents who use them for family communication and brain fitness classes.

Rosewood administrators have discontinued use of some of the technology products highlighted in the Tech Awards win. But they are quick to note that past experiences have taught them that technology “should also be sustainable and something that can be easily modified or updated as needed” in addition to being interactive and engaging.

“This is a generation that is extremely tech savvy, and we must be able to offer comprehensive services and opportunities that may not have been as necessary for previous generations,” leaders pointed out.