Brittany Manor

With the introduction of a new rehabilitation unit in 2016, Brittany Manor in Midland, MI, has continued to focus on using technology to track data and improve patient outcomes.

In 2015, Brittany Manor won a McKnight’s Technology Awards Transitions Silver Award for identifying weaknesses in paper-based systems. The facility overhauled its technology infrastructure by adding wiring, desktops, mobile workstations and tablets.

Brittany Manor’s new Bud Skutt Rehabilitation Wing features Welch Allen Vital Sign equipment, which is “fantastic,” according to Director of Nursing Monica Goodrich.

“That saves a lot of nursing time, and improves accuracy and documents into our patient records,” she says. The facility uses PointClickCare for its EMR needs.

Last year, the staff’s primary goal was to lower average orthopedic length of stay, which they reduced from 33 days to 10.28 days. 

Another shift has been reducing the rate of discharge to the hospital for cardiovascular-related illnesses. Better assessments have allowed them to reduce that rate, making it no longer the primary diagnosis for those being hospitalized.

In 2017, “we’re still focused on orthopedics,” Goodrich says, in addition to reducing the overall rehospitalization rate.