Abramson Center for Jewish Life

After winning a McKnight’s Excellence in Technology Gold award in the High Tech/High Touch category in 2014, Abramson Center for Jewish Life’s Karen Eshraghi and Tori Crumbie had goals: piloting levels of engagement, examining clinical outcomes, and developing an implementation manual for providers for their Match-Quality Indicator system.

“Everything that we said we’d do, we have done,” Eshraghi said. 

The core part of the matching system is to track which activities residents preferred. The second is to see how they are engaging and participating in the activity.

Clinicians looking at the Excel file have tools to assist with programming, Crumbie said.

“Originally we were just exporting to MS Access,” she said. “Now, the reporting is available in Microsoft Excel, which means we have a variety of reports for the household level.”

While everyone has accomplished a lot in the past two years, they aren’t done making it perfect. Crumbie has been working on her master’s degree around resident engagement and said the next step is on auditing.

“A lot of where our focus will be is on a way to audit that could be shared with other facilities,” she explained.