The National Association of Long Term Care Administrator Boards announced it is creating a continuing education registry. The system is intended to improve tracking and reporting but may add new hurdles for administrators seeking CE credits.

Most notably, administrators will be required to register for a NAB CE Registry ID by April 1 to receive CE certificates from NCERS-sponsored events and classes, according to the organization. Also start- ing in April, approved NCERS providers (which includes McKnight’s) will be required to report earned credit directly to the CE registry.

In order for the registry to accept credits, a correct ID will be required. In addition, applicants will have to spell their name exactly as it appears in the registry files.

For example, if a person registers for an event using “Sam” but “Samuel” is the name in the registry, the NAB registry may not accept the submission.

Advocates noted the registry will make it easier to track CEs approved by NAB’s National Continuing Education Review Service and non-NCERS. Once a license is due, administrators will release their registry to the relevant state board/agency electronically.