Two New York nurses charged in nursing home scalding incident

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Two nurses have been accused in connection with a scalding incident that caused a nursing home resident in Yonkers, NY, to suffer from second- and third-degree burns, officials said. Hot soup was spilled on the woman, causing second- and third-degree burns, who was then left alone and untreated in a hallway for an hour.

Annamma Thomas, 59, was on duty as a charge nurse on June 14 when she allegedly saw extremely hot soup spilled on the resident, wheeled her out of the dining room  and left her unattended in the hallway. Thomas is charged with soliciting Lynn Mathison, 53, to help her falsify an incident report to say that Thomas immediately put ice on the woman's burns, then cleaned her up and put her to bed.

Each nurse is charged with one count of willful violation of health laws and first-degree falsifying business records, released on bail and due back in court on Nov. 11.

Thomas was terminated from the Guild Home for the Aged Blind on Stratton Street after the incident. She had been a registered nurse since 1990. The employment status of Mathison is unknown currently; she has been a practical nurse since 1981.