Evansville, IN, is one of the best places for nursing home residents to live, while Atlanta poses serious problems, according to a new rankings report.

Technology company Family Assets released its rankings cities for nursing home residents by looking at user-generated reviews of facilities. The analysis did not factor in Medicare’s star rating system, and only included cities that had at least 10 facilities and 100-plus reviews.

Based on that methodology, Family Assets crowned Evansville, IN, as the city with the best-rated nursing homes, with about 80% of reviews labeled as “good.” Rounding out the top five are Topeka, KS; Bakersfield, CA; Colorado Springs, CO; and Glendale, CA, which all hovered around 80%.

Meanwhile, on the negative side, Atlanta landed at the bottom, with nearly 60% of its reviews labeled as “bad.” Others in the bottom five included Livonia, MI; Albuquerque, NM; San Bernardino, CA; and Las Vegas. Nevada was also named the overall worst state for nursing home life, with about 47% of reviews in the “bad” category, while South Dakota was the best, boasting an 84% positivity ranking.

Across the 125 markets that met criteria for the analysis, 26% of nursing homes scored 1 star, while 51% landed 5 stars.