Residents at an English nursing home transformed themselves into famous Victorian-themed paintings for the facility’s 2022 take on their annual calendar. 

Fourteen residents participated in the project developed by MHA Brookfield at Little Bury, a nursing home and dementia center that has 66 residents. This year’s calendar included recreations of Amedeo Modigliani’s “Man with Pipe,” Rembrandt’s self-portrait and Grant Woods’ famous “American Gothic.”

“This is the second time we have done something like this at the home, and I am very impressed with how the pictures have come out,” Victoria Davidson, the facility’s activity coordinator, said. “Those who volunteered to be a part were very excited and could not wait to see what the pictures looked like.” 

Credit:MHA Brookfield

Davidson explained that the provider was able to use a lot of its own equipment to make props and costumes for the recreations. 

“The pictures have received a lot of interest, so we decided to put them up in the reception area, and whenever we have people walking through, they stop by and have a look,” Davidson said. 

“Last year we had a lot of interest in the calendar, people bought them as Christmas presents and so far this time we have already sold half of what we have bought,” she added. 

Andrew Reese, a resident who posed as Jan Van Eyck’s self-portrait for the calendar’s cover, described the project as “good fun.” 

“A tablecloth and some fur was used for my costume, and I really enjoyed being a part of this for the second time,” Reese said. 

The entire calendar can be found here.