Valentine’s Day may be over but social media users are still taking relationship advice offered by residents at a Wisconsin facility in a now viral social media post

“We were overjoyed to see the reaction to these words of wisdom,” Kelsey Vogel, an activities director at Oak Park Place-Madison, told McKnight’s. “It’s our hope that this encourages people to reach out across generations, cultures and cognitive abilities to find what they have in common.” 

Even though their Facebook page represents “less than one percent” of the facility’s daily activities, Vogel said staff members try their best to share activities, events and news on their page regularly to ensure that family members and prospective residents stay informed and feel welcomed. 

For this particular activity, residents were eager to share any relationship and love advice with others in the spirit of the holiday. Some tips shared include: 

“Be faithful. She should be the one and only,” from a resident named Bob. 

“You kind of have to speak the same language. Have good communication,” a resident named Phil wrote.

A resident named Rita kept things simple, writing that all people need to know is “Two words: Yes, dear!” 

“We ask their thoughts and advice on just about everything you can imagine. They’ve lived, and continue to live, amazing lives. They have the experience to give expert advice,” Vogel added. 

The choice to post this activity online proved to be a good decision. It has since received more than 271,000 shares and 14,000 comments — and counting — since being published Feb. 11.

“I’m very glad I posted this one. The response has been heartwarming to say the least,” Vogel said. 

She noted that the residents cited lived in the facility’s memory care unit and most of them have no recognition of the attention their advice has garnered. But their family members have been “thrilled to see the joy their loved ones brought to people around the world.” 

She added that asking a senior for advice is “always the beginning of a wonderful conversation.” 

“If you’re lucky, it will be the beginning of a new friendship.”