The median price for a semi-private room now tops $70,000.

Several organizations, including one dedicated toward feeding seniors, received some sizable donations — to the tune of nearly a half million dollars — courtesy of Vital Life Foundation, the charitable arm of Northwest-based operator Marquis Companies. 

The foundation in mid-May donated $450,000 to more than 12 nonprofit organizations throughout Oregon. The contribution included sending funding to two organizations that many of Marquis Companies staff and residents have a long history of volunteering with — Meals on Wheels People and Friends of the Children-Portland. 

Meals on Wheels People, which serves more than 5,000 seniors in the Northwest, received a $175,000 contribution, while Friends of the Children – Portland got a $125,000 contribution. 

“Vital Life Foundation is an amazing partner. Their commitment to assist older people in our community is truly vital to those we serve here at Meals on Wheels People, as well as all those who are aging. They provide financial support but even more importantly they provide understanding and compassion,” Meals on Wheels CEO Suzanne Washington said in a statement. 

The $125,000 donation is the largest ever to Friends of the Children-Portland, which aims to fight generational poverty and mentor local youth. 

“Doing that during the coronavirus required us to dig really deep to help our youth fight despair and isolation,” said Rachel Pearl, chief program officer for Friends of Children-Portland. “With our partners like Vital Life Foundation, we’re creating new communities where youth can feel safe and celebrated for who they are, right now.”

Vital Life Foundation also donated to: The Alzheimer Association, Wish of a Lifetime, Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, Ronald McDonald House, American Lung Association, American Heart Association, Geezer Gallery, Dream Flights and Exceed.

“We know seniors,” Vital Life Executive Director Amy Drahota said. “We know how much encouragement and wisdom they can pour into young people and, in turn, how much joy and laughter youth can return to our seniors. We mirror our nonprofit partners passion for helping all ages live their best lives.”