The Olympics were in full focus Tuesday at a New York nursing home — but in a way unlike any other in the country.

Photo by: Meadowbrook Healthcare

Meadowbrook Healthcare was the setting for a unique meeting between U.S. bobsledding stars past and present.

The United States’ top Olympic hopeful for the 2022 Olympics was glad to get advice from a two-time 1960s Olympian. 

“Keep in good physical shape. Don’t drink. Don’t smoke,” were among the words of advice that Paul Savage, 86, shared with 24-year-old Hunter Church, who’s currently the country’s current lead bobsled pilot. Savage competed with the U.S. bobsled teams in the 1964 and 1968 Olympics, when he served as an alternate. 

Savage is currently a resident at Meadowbrook, a 287-bed skilled nursing facility in Plattsburgh, NY.

Church, a third-generation bobsledder, stressed the importance of the sport’s history to him and his future success in the field. 

“Being able to meet someone like Mr. Savage is only going to motivate me and kind of propel me forward going into this year,” Church told local media during the meeting. “It’s just another piece to the puzzle of someone that’s kind of along this journey with me and kind of motivates me to push forward.” 

The two swapped stories about some of their favorite memories in the sport, shared photos and even agreed to take a ride with each other in the future. 

“The sport isn’t just the sport that I participate in [now], it’s every single person that’s come before me,” Church explained.