Staff members at an Iowa nursing home put on a Halloween show for residents this week. 

The Oakview Nursing Home, a 46-bed skilled nursing facility based in Conrad, IA, held a pumpkin carving contest for residents Tuesday. 

About 20 residents watched Administrator Kara Butler and Social Services Director Lynn Geiken battle it out during the contest. Geiken defeated Butler by just one ballot after residents voted for whose carved-pumpkin design they enjoyed the best. 

“We tend to do funny little things among the staff (and) for the residents,” Butler told McKnight’s. “The residents get on board with the competition part of it. It’s just really more fun than anything else.”

The nursing home is also hosting several Halloween-themed events for residents and the local community today, according to a local report. Events include a costume parade and trick-or-treating for local children. 

Pictures from the competition are available here.