Dozens of seniors living at nursing homes and assisted living communities celebrated Older Americans Month by proving age is nothing but a number when it comes to physical fitness. 

Forest Hills of DC, a 50-bed skilled nursing facility in Washington, DC, hosted its second annual Longevity Fun Run relay in mid-May to mark Older Americans Month. 

The event honored resilience and community shown by seniors living in long-term care. It included 11 DC-area facilities — with the relay serving as a symbol of how all are connected despite the distance between them. 

The run kicked off at Forest Hills and was led by resident Dennis Morrissey. Runners passed the baton to residents waiting at the next stop, and they then passed the baton along so it can be delivered to stop after. The race ended with Forest Hills resident council president Judith O’Hara. 

Stops included: 

  • Forest Hills of DC
  • Stoddard Baptist Nursing Home
  • The Marigold Assisted Living
  • Serenity Rehabilitation and Health Center
  • Stoddard Baptist Global Care
  • Carroll Manor
  • Jeanne Jugan Residence/Little Sisters of the Poor
  • Knollwood Life Plan and Retirement Community
  • Forest Side of DC
  • Lisner Louise Dickson Hurt Home
  • Sunrise on Connecticut Avenue

The run was sponsored by Forest Hills of DC, Linked Senior, PositiveAging and the District of Columbia Health Care Association.

“My hope is that just as we honor our veterans on Veterans Day, we could take this concept [beyond] DC, and get people to invite elders to engage with them, hear their stories and wisdom, and develop that intergenerational sense of greater community,” Tina Sandri, CEO of Forest Hills of DC, said after the event.