A Georgia nursing home resident wanted to show his appreciation for staff members and facility partners for their work during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. So, he decided to hold a special award ceremony just to show his admiration. 

“It made a difference to [the staff],” said Dominick Carter, a resident at PruittHealth Fairburn, an 82-bed facility in Fairburn, GA. “It let them know that you weren’t forgotten, we do appreciate you, we thank you and let’s keep it moving this way.” 

Carter partnered with facility administrator Claire Alvey to organize the event after he approached her with the idea. The two brought in a Waffle House food truck and then passed out “Job Well Done” certificates to employees during a ceremony held in mid-March. 

Carter also wrote special messages for staff.

“We wanted to, at the very least, let all of them know we really, really, really appreciated all that they did through that period up until now,” Carter said. 

Award recipient and facility dietary manager LaKisha Morgan said just knowing that she’s appreciated by residents “makes you want to go above and beyond.” 

“He expressed to us how even though it was hard on the staff, he as a resident [was thankful] for everything that we [did] to make his home feel better,” Morgan said. 

Job well done, Carter.