Employees at a Michigan nursing home couldn’t bring back a resident’s beloved brother after he died. But they went above and beyond to comfort her by holding a memorial service in his honor.

For the past year since entering the SKLD Livonia facility, Darleen Simms was visited by her brother, Addison Simms, every day, according to a post on the company’s website. He became a regular fixture at the nursing home, with many of the staff growing to know and expect his visits.

But Simms’ brother died unexpectedly in November, and she was unable to attend the funeral. Employees moved into action, wanting to provide her a “measure of comfort.” A group organized a memorial for her brother at the Livonia, MI, nursing home, and they invited friends, neighbors, church members and the pastor to attend.

One of Simms’ nurses even brought in a new dress for her to wear during the memorial, and pitched in for some new shoes. Others also helped her to get ready, with some coming in on their scheduled day off to be with Darleen during the service.

“Her care team worked together to make her feel so special,” SKLD Livonia Administrator Misty Archibald said in the post.