The closest many people ever get to meeting and interacting with their favorite NFL players is by watching them on their televisions during game days. A group of nursing home residents, however, got a special treat from several Tennessee Titans players this month. 

The Nursing Home at Saint Thomas Hickman Hospital, a 40-bed facility in Centerville, TN, was recently visited by rookie players Amani Bledsoe, Nate Davis, Parker Hesse, Amani Hooker, Isaiah Mack, David Long Jr. and Kareem Orr. 

Nursing home residents and family members were greeted by the players with several gifts, including autographs, photos and blankets. Photos of the players with some of the residents can be seen here

Titans’ visit to the facility are some of the most exciting days for residents and thanked the players for providing “happiness and joy,” said Renee Whaley, director of nursing at Saint Thomas Health. 

“The day means so much to our residents, patients and staff. The visit creates an emotional spark in all of us, and the Titans players always seem to really enjoy visiting with our nursing home residents as well. Our residents love to cheer them on every Sunday,” added Kevin Campbell, chief administrative officer of Ascension Saint Thomas Hickman Hospital. 

The visit, which was held Oct. 15, is made annually as part of a partnership between the Titans and Saint Thomas Hickman. 

“It’s wonderful to watch how a group of Titans players can impact these residents, and it is heartwarming to watch the exchanges,” the Titans’ website stated.