Multiple Trilogy Health Services facilities teamed up for a massive Olympic-style outing recently, with 133 residents enjoying fishing, pontoon boat cruising, ziplining and archery.

Residents from more than 30 Trilogy campuses, including skilled nursing buildings, converged Oct. 12 on Bradford Woods, a dedicated outdoor recreation at Indiana University. The outing was part of a larger Trilogy program called Live A Dream that grants residents’ wishes.

“The laughter and joy on their faces was amazing,” said Trilogy life enrichment and Live A Dream support team member Anna Ladig.

Ladig said the key to the day-ling camp was teamwork at all levels from the corporate office to individual campuses. Earlier this year, staff at all facilities began asking residents if they’d enjoy the activities available at Bradford Woods. Four life enrichment staff from Trilogy’s Louisville, KY, offices then scouted the site in person, evaluating things like how to get residents from the parking lot to each activity and how to stagger events.

Because Bradford Woods is designed to be inclusive, the only restrictions on residents were those that their doctors ordered. Ziiplines had special equipment to accommodate wheelchair users, and all paths were wheelchair-friendly.

The staff-to-resident ratio for camp activities was 1-to-1 or 1-to-2, said Ladig. Trilogy staff from non-life-enrichment departments helped out, as did Bradford Woods staff that worked overtime because of the number of residents wanting to use the zipline.

One female resident wanted to ride a pontoon because as a child she would ride one at her grandpa’s farm.

“Her story came full circle and she was able to relive some of those memories,” Ladig said.

Trilogy had used Bradford Woods before, but for overnight stays and with much fewer campuses and residents. Ladig said the staff involved with the event will debrief next week with the goal of making the larger outing annual.

“The planning in advance is really helpful,” Ladig said. “Knowing the space you’re going into and how long it takes to get from point A to point B. I don’t think it would have been possible without a team approach both at the home office level and the campus level. It takes an all hands on deck approach.”