Staff members at an Oklahoma City skilled nursing facility recently showed their appreciation for residents and community members by serving them big helpings of food for the soul. 

Kingwood Skilled Nursing and Therapy, an 88-bed SNF recently held its 20th annual Soul Food Fest. 

The annual event is led by Margaret Wright, the facility’s dietary manager, who’s been with the provider for 40 years, and features more than 17 different meats, salads, desserts and music. It started as an effort to be more involved in the community. 

“That whole event itself reinforces [the facility’s commitment] to the community and all the people that come to take part in our Soul Food Fest,” Administrator Thaddeus Mock told McKnight’s

Mock added that the festival is something that residents and their loved ones look forward to each year. 

“I think all the residents really enjoy it. A lot of the residents’ family members and friends come for the event. I think they really, really enjoy it,” he said. 

Staff members — who help cook, serve and manage the entire celebration — also get excited every time the event comes around. The facility even increases its staffing during the event to help with residents. 

“We have a great staff here. We really do. They’re very proud of the community … just this whole area,” Mock said. 

“They want to reach out to the community and let them know that we’re here and we love our residents, the community and we love doing what we do.”