There’s an adage in our field that goes something like this: If you eat hotdogs, respect the law or read magazines, you don’t want to see how any are made.

I’m hardly an expert on frankfurter processing or backroom deals. But I can attest that creating magazines can definitely be a challenging proposition.

There’s an ever-present doubt that some important element might have been excluded from a story, that words were wasted or that a typo was somehow overlooked.

And as much as I hate to admit it, our competition always seems to be urging us on. By trying to keep pace, they have forced us to constantly look for new ways to meet the informational needs of our readers.

As has so often been the case, that pressure again has helped push us to offer something original and unique. This time, it’s free continuing education credits. That’s right. Free. Just go to our website.

All you need to do is click on the “CE/CME” link on the navigation bar at the top of our home page to find up-to-date, topical courses on a variety of long-term care topics. Current offerings include “Screening & Treating Patients with Sleep/Wake Disorders,” “Nurse Practitioners’ Guide to H1N1 Influenza,” and “Caring for the Geriatric Patient: The Initial Visit.” New courses will be posted as they become available.

While we have tried to make the experience as hassle-free as possible, users must first register to participate in these free accredited learning programs. McKnight’s offers these courses in partnership with, which is part of Haymarket Medical Education.

Given the accrediting needs of our readers, we have little doubt that an opportunity to earn credits at no charge will resonate. In the months ahead, we’ll be looking to offer continuing education in new and different ways. It’s all a part of our effort to make McKnight’s your most trusted source for news, information and more.

Running a long-term care facility can be a tough, frustrating experience. But it is an occupation like no other. As you’ve no-doubt already discovered, there is something uniquely rewarding about making a difference in the life of another person at a time of need.

We at McKnight’s salute you for your hard work and dedication. And we wish you continued success as you make life more bearable for so many residents. For that, you deserve even more credit.