Texas nursing home investigation leads to arrests of its own workers

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Members of management at a Fort Worth, TX, nursing home initiated a multi-year investigation of their workers that resulted in the arrest of three employees as part of a larger state sweep. The employees were arrested Wednesday, along with five other nursing home workers at four unaffiliated Fort Worth nursing homes, according to Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott.

"We are the ones that reported this and terminated these employees," said Jerry Warren Jr., administrator of Southwest Nursing and Rehabilitation. "We are a fine facility. When we see things going on, we report it."

An employee at Southwest Nursing and Rehabilitation Center was charged with injury to an elderly or disabled person after an 84-year-old was injured in an "unassisted transfer," but survived. Two others at Southwest were charged with fraud for allegedly obtaining the painkiller hydrocodone for personal use.

"Eight arrests in one city is significant, and we hope it sends a signal," said Tom Kelley, a spokesman for the attorney general.