Survey: Seniors concerned most about health, Alzheimer's

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A strong majority of seniors are concerned about their health, with mental functioning their top worry. The disease they fear the most is Alzheimer's, according to findings of a survey conducted for UnitedHealthcare's SecureHorizons.

The insurance company's survey encompassed 1,100 Americans aged 63 to 80. Sixty-nine percent of them said they were concerned about their health or well-being, with 56% expressing worry about receiving adequate care when they get older. By comparison, only 52% expressed concern about personal finance, while 58% worried about spiritual wellness.

Nearly half of the survey respondents said they were concerned about being able to afford long-term care (48%) and understanding how their health coverage works (47%). More than half (55%) told of worries about prescription drug availability.

Just 48% said they were concerned about maintaining social relationships, while less than one-third listed worries about depression (32%) or dealing with loneliness (31%).

The survey was conducted by telephone and included interviews of seniors who had no one in their household working in the healthcare sector.